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Feel free to draft whatever your heart speaks. However, queries I provided for my first turtlebox interviewees may be of some help:

My Story 
Your Story
Stories “Straight
from the Heart”

The Box
The questions
 •How does God communicate with you [words, images, through journaling, movement, etc.]?
 •Describe a typical experience? A non-typical experience?
 •When you had an initial experience, did you recognize it?
 •Does God “speak” to you regularly?
 •When/how were you first aware of this communication?
 •How do you nurture or encourage it?
 •What have these experiences meant to you
 •What [if any] is the value in sharing these experiences?
 •Other comments?

Because of space limitations, please limit your submission to 500 words or less. They may be edited for content, clarity and appropriateness. The intention is to let your voice speak directly.

Please include your first name (for use with the story) and contact information. Email it to cathy@turtleboxstories.com.

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